Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Guizhou Daily reported urn tears/the incident


Reading of the party's mouthpiece newspaper, must learn to find the truth from the lies, such as this: "deputy chief of staff of the armed police headquarters from Beijing Guo-Qiang Xue arrived Weng'an guidance disposal work."

Weng'an County of Guizhou and county party building in the 6.28 incident was besieged


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Concerning blog


early this morning, I posted a blog a blog others for help. Later letters from the people and things that require the

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"witness"producer Chen Xiaoqing teachers in the last song I made on the blog, but he did not have evidence.

I have evidence to prove Chen teachers in Chengdu have done what. . He.

Chen said before I Yangzunchuyou teachers in Chengdu,

People are raising the white, Baipan arms which only mosquitoes do not like it.

We do not believe. Photo for the card (below).

Chen teachers in Chengdu every day accompanied by a beauty, many people do not believe that photo evidence (below).

However, Chen teachers prefer the Lao Liu Lan Huazhi. Hate ~ ~ ~

another, Song-male teacher in his blog, I described to become Liu Xiahui,

In fact, I was under abusive Liu.

The study of history is people are aware, Liu Xiahui teachers have ED problems.

Song teachers is a very pure small boys, his eyes more innocent ah (below).

Song teacherinitialSongs of the South quite study, Han, Tang and Song Dynasties eight fights study also quite up experience.

This is like the students can go toSong teacher blogon the message,

Song teachers can be fair, and you sit.

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Monday, June 30, 2008

Day high of mine split


A peasant woman in a television interview about his drop in the story

One year,

I work in the fields,

Sudden rain thunder,

I split the inverted bird

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Strongly recommend BBC documentary "Beautiful China Wild China"(download of address)

by:zhonghuiyu@gmail.com (挥雨)

"The Last Hidden World of Pure Land, China
few centuries, travelers Zhuansong of God on this strange land
and those magic of legends
Chinese civilization is the world's most ancient civilization
and if this is the most Hongbo
that dozens Billion people in over 50 national
to a wide range close to the natural way of life
. . . The suffocation of the United States and others. . .
the first time, we have the opportunity to thoroughly explore this great land
. . . This is the most original flavor of China. . "
BBC"Wild China "("Beautiful China

strongly recommend the BBC documentary "Beautiful China Wild China", a wild animal And the natural world as the theme of the documentary series, a total of six episodes, I have watched four sets, respectively, Guangxi, Yunnan, Tibet and the Great Wall north of (the Northeast and Northwest), let me shocked! Lens in the BBC, China's the beauty of nature is so touching! Youranersheng pride!

to have been seen with the BBC documentary series "Wild South America, Wild South America"and "African Wild Wild Africa", South America and Africa for the very natural charm of dumping. But in my mind that China's nature constantly eroded by human activities, sabotage and destruction. Did not expect the motherland's mountains and rivers still have so many such a beautiful place, we have to

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Smooth arrived in London

by:zhonghuiyu@gmail.com (挥雨)

8:30 last night - starting from Guangzhou, in the middle of the Doha turn for the better, today UK time 6:40 am in London landed at Gatwick Airport, exit the airport bus for the MTR, smooth and Gordon connected to the first.

to the Canada Water Station is a very large Tesco supermarket. Gordon was the luggage in the car, went on the procurement of things to eat these days. Mainly fruit, water, yogurt and breakfast. Originally took bread, but to see Pitta, a Greek pizza, can not help move the index finger, think of using Ham and cheese on the pizza with oven roasted aroma. This is not the good things in Guangzhou. So lay down their bread, bought a Pitta, cheese and Ham.

moving bright red strawberries, do not hesitate Take the pack, Tao Li, apples, bananas, which are often purchased by that species, with good, three years later nothing has changed, not only Fruit, the United Kingdom many aspects of life seem to change very slowly, enough to see that the British tradition and conservative.

afternoon to the Waterloo area of graffiti, Gordon's recommendation, great! The graffiti art of performance seems to Poqiang out. But I do not know why the blog can not upload pictures, and so this issue is resolved Zaigen come back to share pictures.

22:00 London time, I basically completed the task of Daoshi Chai, went to sleep, in the United Kingdom and the domestic Dear friends, Good Night&Good morning.


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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spain to "play wins,"the non-tactical analysis


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